Wicca spiritual uses of ammonia

Wicca spiritual uses of ammonia. Ammonia is a strong cleansing agent in hoodoo magic both spiritually and physically.Use my Wicca love spells now

Wicca spiritual uses of ammonia. Ammonia is a strong cleansing agent in hoodoo magic both spiritually and physically. If you have been hit by a streak of bad luck, if your children are acting out or if you feel like something inside the household feels wrong. Ammonia can help you to remove negativity, crossed conditions and jinxes. Ammonia is also good to ward off yourself from being a magnet of negativity.

Spirits of ammonia can be used as both an indoor or outdoor house blessing that acts to discard all demons, evil spirits and spells. One can simply pour it down the toilets, sinks or mop water. Place a couple of drops on your chest area to discard spells inside of you or jinxes. Banish the evil that lurks and liberate yourself from the crosses and blocks that bring you down. Ammonia is a common substitute for urine in conjures and hoodoo.

It can be used in a number of ways including clearing, protecting, uncrossing, cleansing and discarding jinxes. Throughout history ammonia has been proven to be one of the most unique of products and for more than centuries ago till today many people still continue to utilize ammonia in a wide variety of ways. These tips and uses have been documented and tested by our ancestors and modern day similar root-workers and are believed to be tried and real.

Wicca spiritual uses of ammonia

  • Basic cleansing bath:
  • Use 1 capful of ammonia to a full bath. Remember that ammonia is quite strong and hence you don’t need a lot for a cleansing and too much can have a negative opposite effect of making your life bitter and sour.
  • Removing negativity from your linens and clothes:
  • Add one capful of ammonia to your washing to keep your clothes and linen free of negative energies.
  • Removing residual negative energy out of the surfaces in your home: .

Into a bucket of hot or warm water, pour a capful of ammonia. Toss a small bit of rue into the water and stir everything around using a big crucifix. Take a white clean cloth and dip it in the water while praying psalm 23. take the cloth and wring it out. This cloth is now ready to be used to wipe down floors, walls, windows, blinds, furniture etc. whenever you use it to wipe down surfaces be mindful of removing away stagnant energy and evil messes.Use my Wicca spiritual uses of ammonia now

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