How to make vinegar jar spell

How to make vinegar jar spell

How to make vinegar jar spell that works to sour someone’s life and it is the opposite of honey jar spells. When we use sweetening or honey jar spells our aim is to draw someone closer. When we use vinegar jar spells the aim is to separate people.

Vinegar jar spells can be used to tear apart any relationship from business to love. Although the vinegar jar spell can be done at any day and at any time. One can increase its effectiveness by performing it on a Tuesday ( which is known as the day of Mars) or Saturday the( day of Saturn) during a waning moon.

To make the vinegar jar spell you will require the following:

  • Glass jar with metal lid
  • Vinegar
  • Clean sheet of paper
  • Black candle
  • Black pen

First you will need to write the name of one of the individual in the relationship in a clean sheet of paper three times across. There afterwards you will need to turn the paper and inscribe the other name on top of that three times. What you have done should resemble a tic-tac-toe grid.

Turn the paper over and inscribe on the back your petition. It can be a simple separation/breakup or something more sophisticated like “As this vinegar is bitter your relationship will also become bitter and bitter with each passing day.

How to make vinegar jar spell

After you are done inscribing the names and your petition tear the paper in half so that each name is placed on each side of the paper (Ensure that you don’t tear it apart completely) next ensure that you each segment of the paper with the name “back to back” keep in mind that the names should not touch one another when you fold the paper.

Place the paper inside the jar and fill it with vinegar and then close the lid tightly. Then afterwards shake the jar and while shaking it say again the words of your petition over and over again and envision that which you wish to happen. There after you need to take the black candle and anoint it with the remaining vinegar.

Light the candle, permit a few drops of wax to dip on top of the lid and then stick the black candle onto the lid. When the candle has been completely burned throw away the leftovers at a flowing stream. So if you have been wondering how to make vinegar jar spell to get rid of someone in your life like a neighbor, roommate, and colleague then this is how you make it.

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