Freezer spells to get rid of someone

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Freezer spells to get rid of someone

Is there someone who is ruining your life? Is there someone who is gossiping about you? Are you haunted by an ex-lover who won’t stop harassing you? Have you been unfairly treated and being sued? When someone is attacking you and making your life a living hell sometimes the only way to put that person in his/her place is by freezing his/her tracks and nothing works better than the freezer spells to get rid of someone. The freezer spells to get rid of someone have been practiced by hoodoo magicians/ witches for many decades and are still utilized today for one simple reason and that is they certainly work well to permanently get rid of any bothersome person.

The freezer spells to get rid of someone are utilized to silence an individual and freeze them out of your life for good. So many people are urged to not utilize the freezer spells to get rid of someone on someone who they have the desire to reunite with because they will be used out of your life. The only time when people are urged to make use of the freezer spell to get rid of someone is when you have a certain person that is against you and is trying to harm you.

The freezer spells to get rid of someone is a serious defensive magical spell and should under no circumstance be taken lightly. So what Dr.Zunga will do is take you through the process of making the freezer spells to get rid of someone highly effective. You will be required to have a container. The container will work to constrain, bind or restrict the target of the spell.

Depending on why and how you are utilizing the freezer spells to get rid of someone you will have to pick an appropriate container. The simplest and less symbolic choice would be a glass freezing jar. If for instance, you are trying to freeze someone out sexually, for example, a secretive admirer that is obsessed with you and a stalker who just won’t leave you alone then you will have to utilize a container that resembles his/her genitals.

A typical example of these would be a cucumber, pickle, or zucchini. If your interest is to stop someone who frequently gossips than the best option would be a cow tongue. So if you have someone that won’t stop spreading lies about you. You can hush this person by using the freezer spells to get rid of someone.

Powerful freezer spells to get rid of someone

The next thing after choosing the container would prepare a totem for your target or victim. The perfect choice can be a picture of the person. If you can’t get your hands on it, then you can take a piece of paper and write their name and draw something that resembles that person’s image. At times even getting a piece of someone’s hair or any item that they have touched will do the trick too. You will then need to place the totem in the glass jar and work with either a vegetable of fruit. Open the container and put the totem inside before pinning it for the powerful freezer spells to get rid of someone to work the container must be tightly shut.

Next, you will need to fill the container with something watery. For example, if you want to make someone be bitter and or sour than the best watery agent to use would be vinegar or lemon. If you desire to make someone’s harsh words to turn sour and bitter in their mouths, then you can try using water that has salt in it. In a case where you want their lies to burn them than the ideal choice in this regard would be black or red pepper.

The ideal way to seal the container is to drip wax that is from a black candle in the opening of the lid. As you drip the wax of the candle envisions on the flame the adverse effects of the powerful freezer spells to get rid of someone. Imagine the individual being instantly frozen out of your life and relish how that would actually make you feel. Imagine and picture the individual’s harsh words reforming to be bitter and sour in their mouths and envision the person that has been harassing you quickly disappearing from your life.

Once you have done all the above-mentioned steps than the last thing to do would be to place the container in the freezer and watch as the bothersome person that has been bothering you gets exited out of your life. The powerful freezer spells to get rid of someone will see to it that any negative actions that a certain individual did to you bounce back to him/her and never harm you. So if you desire to get rid of someone fast then get a hold of Dr.Zunga now.

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